The Boarding Facility

We are a full care facility. The horses are fed three times a day. We offer orchard grass, alfalfa or a mix and two types of grain. Supplements provided by the horse owner will be fed at no additional charge. Stalls and paddocks are cleaned daily.


New 18 Stall Barn with Indoor Riding Arena

  • Our stalls are all 12x12. We use interlocking Frelonic interlocking stall mats. Frelonic mats are softer more stable than the traditional heavy black rubber mats. Stalls are bedded with absorbent pellets.
  • Each stall has an attached gravel mud free paddock that your horse has access to 24 hours a day.
  • Stalls are equipped with Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders. The feeders ensure that your horse is fed a consistent amounts on-time each day.
  • There are two large secured and heated tack rooms. Ample saddle and bridle racks for your tack needs.
  • All aisle ways are brushed non slip cement to reduce dust.
  • Heated observation/kitchen/meeting room with free WI-FI.
  • Cross tie area and hot and cold wash rack.


18 Stall Barn with Indoor Riding Arena


Riding Facilities

  • We have a 70’x102’ well lighted indoor arena. The stalls and grooming area are all in the same building as the arena so no need to go out in the rain. The footing is fine natural sand. Good for all disciplines. Soft and easy on the joints, but not deep and dragging. The arena is equipped with overhead sprinklers for easy watering.
  • 60 foot outdoor round pen
  • Access from the property to the Tiger Mountain State Park trail system. If you like to haul-out to trail ride we are minutes from Squawk Mountain, Taylor Mountain and Lansbury trail system.


Private 5 stall barn

  • 12x12 padded stalls
  • Foaling stall
  • Paddocks off of three stalls
  • Automatic feeders
  • Private tack room
  • Bathroom
  • Hot and cold water


Additional Services (please inquire for pricing)

  • Daily boarding for vacations, travel layover or injury recovery $20/day.
  • Haul-in riders (Must call for availability and have liability form on file) $10.00/horse
  • Regular oral de-worming
  • Lounging
  • Blanketing and unblanketing, Fly Masks and spray
  • Trailer parking
  • Vet and shoer hold, administration of medications and other services as required.